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First and foremost...
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Yeah, that's right. I was supposed to quit on the 15th but I didn't. Damn it. I like the short ones at least :|

More than cigarettes, actually, I am completely addicted to LJ - it started innocently enough - just a post here and there. Now I find myself blowing off my friends to..."blog".
OH NO I SAID IT. The first step to recovery is admitting the problem. Hahaha. No, really, though, I hang out on LJ a lot. It's sad really.

I am addicted to Law and Order. I watch it obsessively. I even watch re-runs. How pathetic is that?

And Pepsi. I love pepsi. :)

I am also a layout whore. DAMMIT I'll shut up now. I am addicted to many things.
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