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I'm so glamourous I pee glitter!

Name: Gracen
Age: 18
Location: s. cali.
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit, I think.

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Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black with red roots
Height: 5'11
Weight: 120

Food: Italian
Color: Green and Purple
Store: Don't have one
Music: Classical
Books: Mythology

::Thoughts On::
Gay Marriage: They don't bother me. People are people, even if they like the same sex. Give them the same rights as married couple and call it something else if the idea of a man marrying a man others you that much.

Abortion: I'd never have one personally, but I'm prochoice. I'd much rather see a fetus be aborted than to see an unwanted child grow up knowing it's unloved and unwanted.

The Media: I don't pay enough attention to it to have a say on it.

Drag Queens: Do whatever makes you happy with yourself and fuck what other people think. It's better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you aren't.

Synthetic Hair: I think it looks really bad for the most part.

Labels: They make the world go 'round. I think it's stupid if you try really hard to fit one certain, but people are going to label you no matter what, you can either fight it or deal with it. I don't care enough to fight it.

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