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Holy pictures batman!

Greetings. Yay for travel photos - x-posted a bit.

To get bigger pictures, click on the thumbnails
(I apologize for some picture quality, our windshield was had bugs and bird poo all over it)

Coolest thing ever: Chicago has a train the runs down between the highway!

Aforementioned train:

One of the places we had to deliver a load...it was just so beautiful that day!

I just liked this building:

Pretty tree that obstructed my view of the lake:


Maryland is soooo beautiful!

Mike liked this picture so much he set it as our wallpaper on the laptop!

West Virginia

Truck Pictures

Messy bed!

Mike's back :)

Front of the truck

MESSY!!! To our credit, we had just gotten into the truck and hadn't had time to fix it up any.

My fat ass jumping into a swimming pool at the hotel before we left

My Klingon tattoo - it says: Honor father

Atlas Shrugged tattoo (search for it on amazon to see the actual cover)
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