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I will put this under an el jay cut so as not to piss anyone off.

x-posted,so hurry!

Okay so I'm ready to start my community, but I need some help. I have to pick mods and I need people for specific things. So please fill this out so I can decide where you should go in my community if you're interested in being in it.

Just a few questions to make sure my community is successful.

1.) Do you know how to make graphics?
2.) Is there a specific Mod that you would like to be? (i.e. graphics Mod, points Mod, Co-Mod,Promotions Mod,etc..)
3.) Are you willing to be superficial and blunt, bitchy and honest? I want people to get what they want; a vote on their application. The community WILL be based on 40% appearance and 60% questions.
4.) Do you have time to actually help keep the community going?
5.) If you don't get chosen for a Mod, would you still be a part of the community?

That's all the questions. I will personally pick out Mods as I see fit, and I really don't want anyone to take it personally if they're not chosen. I love all of you in this community; you're like my family. I just need to pick people in specific areas to make sure the community is not pure chaos.

I'm anxious to start this community, so please fill out the application above and I'll most likely fit you in somewhere. Some Mod spots, such as the graphics Mod, will mostly be first come, first served.I may have 2 of the same thing, if I think 2 people are equally fit for the spot.

If you have any questions and such, you can IM me on AIM: ShotgunSerenade5 or e-mail me at

Let's have some fun! Please help me out here! It'll be fun once we get everything going, which will be very soon, considering I'm at home basically all day and I'm literally online 24/7. I have my a/m up sometimes, but I'm always signed online. This will be x-posted so hurry before all the spots are taken!!

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