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Theme: Embarassing moments

Also, would anyone be interested in me posting travel pictures in here?

Most Embarassing Moment: I don't really have many, actually. Probably being in 8th grade science class and discussing biology, and being called upon to answer a question. I knew the answer, it was "organism". Instead of saying that, however, I responded with "orgasm". Yeah. The teacher just ignored it. The class laughed.

Also, I recently was wrapped up in a blanket (naked underneath) standing up smoking a cigarette. I sat down in a computer chair, rolled it around on it for awhile, attempted to stand up, got entangled and fell flat on my side/back. I stumbled around for awhile before falling, and screamed "I'm falling and I'm fat and naked." Mike laughed hysterically while I curled up in a fetal position, mortified. It may not seem that funny now, but I assure all of you, it was quite a hoot. :)
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