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RIP Lizzy

I debated on even writing about this because I don't want to think about it, but I owe it to her to write this.

On September 23, 2005 my mom's dog, Lizzy passed away. She was only 2-3 years old. She died alone in a laundry room where she spent most of her life because my mother is an evil bitch. I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me say that Lizzy was a sweet mannered puppy. She loved attention would sit and let you pet her for as long as you liked. She would look at you with big brown puppy eyes and cause you to melt :)
She was a rotweiler mix and was as mild as they come. She got hyper because of the laundry room situation. She was locked up in a small bathroom sized room for 10 hours a day while my mother worked, then spent the other time outside on a short chain. She was never allowed to roam free because my mother, who as I mentioned is an evil bitch, didn't want to clean up her poop in the rest of the yard. When I was at my mother's house I tried to make her happy by playing with her and letting her run around the yard. She always listened and I found her to be very smart. I loved her and am the only one who cried when she passed. My little brother called to tell me and didn't sound upset in the least. Her death could have been prevented - she obviously didn't die of old age. My mother chose never to take her to the vet or pay attention to her because she is an evil bitch. I never got along with my mother so I am not just calling her names because of the dog, she also was always an evil bitch to me too. Anyway - RIP Lizzy, rest assured that you were actually loved by someone. And that someone will always remember you and your adorable little face. Good bye.
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