leprosy___ (leprosy___) wrote in syringe_abuse,

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my crushes_♥:

criss angel - any man who can levitate himself is fine by me. ;]

heath ledger - gorgeous eyes and a beautiful smile

brandon lee - he's just gorgeous, and with makeup he's even hotter.

johnny depp - who doesn't have a crush on this beauty?

davey havok - so he's had some good times and bad. for the most part he's a total hottie & he has angel wings. ♥

so what can i say..i'm a sucker for long dark hair, dark eyes, & dimples.
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Deleted comment

whoaaa. haha it's okay. johnny is pretty much a given with most people. lol. ♥

Deleted comment

ahhaha. i HATE his girlfriend!!! i don't think she's too pretty..or maybe it's just because im jealous. ;x who knows. haha. ♥
actually I didn't think she was pretty either, so it's not just you.

Deleted comment

haha. heck yes. shes weird lookin. lol. i dunno..i think he could have pretty much anyone he wanted..she must have a good personality or something. ha.
nah he's just using her as a prop. =P
And thank Goddess for Davey Havok! I got front row center for an AFI/Thursday/Coheed and Cambria about a year ago, and when Davey jumped down on us, I totally grabbed his ass. It ruled. =D
o0o0o *envious* haha. that's awesome. ♥
Heath is yummy!
hell yes! ♥